About us

Idea Futuri is the company behind various brands; all having the objective to bring different goods & services with increased value to the market.
Our brands deliver functional, high-quality products paired with a unique design. Their goal is to provide a better solution to time-relevant problems than the existing market offer. With “better” we mainly aim at the many factors that make a product viable in the 21st century.

The products of IF brands are designed and produced to be future-proof (long-lasting) and destined to ease up the consumers’ average daily life (functional). In all our operations, IF is highly concerned about the environment. We try to give back by providing a more nature-friendly alternative to the market (sustainable). Our company and products are not created with the aim to generate a maximal profit; various steps & initiatives are financed to make an impact beyond the average.

“We’re not selling just to sell. Idea Futuri is about providing a serious product to people which is actually used and provides real value to the user. A product that doesn’t harm our environment for the sake of profits but that does Good with every sale it makes. We can not only take from nature, we also have to give back.”

– Jean-Philippe Kraus, Founder of Idea Futuri

Idea Futuri Abstract